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Wisconsin has a full range of Art for you to choose from.

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About Buy Local Art Wisconsin


This site came about as an extension of Art networks. As an Artist I come across people in all walks of life and the questions are always the same; "Where can I find a Artist that does...?" I am looking for … piece of Art; where can I find it.

As a Graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in the third ward of Milwaukee and organizing Art shows in my local community for many years, lots of contacts have been made in the local and regional Art scene. I would send buyers into my own network of Artist friends.

As I expanded my network over the years I realized that there are many more Artisans in the state of Wisconsin and across the world that need to be connected and networked. A place that simply puts Artist with someone who needs Art and someone who needs Art with an Artisan and a place to find them. So here we are and as this site grows so will awareness that Wisconsin home grown Artists are the best in the nation and across the world.

Valorie Schleicher

Buy Local Art Wisconsin

Another Artist helping Artists enriching our community
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 "Artists helping Artists Enriching our Communities"