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Buy Local Art Wisconsin
Artists Helping Artists Enriching our Communities

Wisconsin has a full range of Art for you to choose from.

Support your local Artists buy and shop in your own community.

Brought to you by Wisconsin Artists and Buy Local Art Wisconsin Community Artist Valorie Schleicher

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Buy Local Art From Local Artists in Wisconsin.

We have three main sections Artisan Portfolios - Artisan Services and Wisconsin Galleries
**We are Transitioning to a global network of artisans
with Buy Local Art USA & Buy Local Art World* 
This transition will be taking place in the next few months.
Be sure to get in on the ground floor and subscribe to our blog to get all the updated information.
The Buy Local Art Team**
Support your local Art Community keep your dollars in your own community, Beautify space be it  your home, office, or other space. 

The artists with Buy Local Art Wisconsin have provided you with one stop shopping for your Art needs. You will find a Photo of them and a representation of their work. A short description of what they make and where your can their Art. In a Gallery or their own web site or personally at their studio or a local fair or Art show. 

Support your community by supporting the creative culture that lives within it.

Get Services from a Local Artists in Wisconsin.

What ever you need, we have all here in Wisconsin provided by Local Artisans
Need a mural painted, Photography Services, A graphic Designer, Decorative Ceramic Tile for the  kitchen or bath -You need a sofa painting in your colors or style. A particular photo of your favorite scence You'll find that Artisan Under Artisan Serivices
Your Plaster molding is damaged and you need it fixed, your mural was water damaged, a precious photo has yellowed and torn. Our Artists have the knowledge and skill to fix it.
We support Local Galleries that support local Artisans. Find Galleries across Wisconsin where you will find unique Art works for you.
 "Artists helping Artists Enriching our Communities"